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Managed Learning Program


    The full-time online learning tutoring program is created to offset the negative impact of the epidemic on international students' online classes. It aims to clarify students points, help manage their time and hold plan activities through effective supervision mechanism to provide students with "teaching management + homework management + life management + growth management + health management" "five-in-one" service with the help of high-quality teacher resources from Beijing Shahe Higher Education Park, so that students taking online courses can maintain physical and mental health as well as a good learning state, improve the quality of online learning and complete the university studies successfully.





  •  Good learning environment;
  •  Advanced online learning system;
  •  Experienced tutors to clarify doubts;
  •  Excellent Chinese and foreign teachers to provide real teaching;
  •  Customized hours to meet the needs of each student;
  •  School supporting service facilities and resources sharing;
  •  Complete social platform to broaden social network.




Enrollment Targets
  • Students who have returned to China for online courses due to epidemic control;
  • Students who need supervision and guidance during online learning;
  • Students who need academic consultation and online social communication during online learning;
  • Students who wish to improve their academic performance and background through off-campus academic resources;
  • Students who are eager to experience school life with other students on college campus.

Undergraduates: 30000¥/term
Graduates: 37000¥/term
Accommodation Fees(including water, electricity, network):





Enrollment Student Number:30