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Preparatory project

Foundation Course Introduction

  The Foundation program delivered by DIFC is designed to provide students who plan to study overseas with original and authentic foundation courses run in China, which will be the same as the programs they have delivered in Ireland for many years. The courses, taught by a mixture of Chinese and foreign teachers, will facilitate students to enhance their language competence, strengthen their academic skills, exercise ways of independent learning, recognize cultural differences and explore learning methods tailored specifically to their needs. The outcome will be that students are prepared properly to progress to international universities smoothly, and they can apply to universities from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and other foreign universities with their foundation results, where they will be supported as part of this process too.




Enrollment Targets
  1. Students who plan to study abroad.
  2. Students who have received conditional offers from foreign universities but cannot meet academic or language requirements.
  3. Students who wish to further strengthen their language skills prior to their undergraduate or master's programs.
  4. Students who wish to lay an academic foundation for their undergraduate or master's studies.

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Enrollment Requirements

International Foundation Year (IFY) Program: students from technical secondary school, vocational high school, senior high school, grade 11 and senior high school with an average score of 70% or above, with IELTS 5.0 or above (no small score required). Other English language tests equivalent to IELTS are also accepted.
Pre-Master’s Program: Bachelor’s Degree / 3 Year Diploma holders accepted with IELTS 5.0 or above (no small score required). Other English language tests equivalent to IELTS are also accepted.


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FY- Business:108000¥(Including: Tuition fee, NCUK registration fee, service fee)
IFY- Engineering:128000¥(Including: Tuition fee, NCUK registration fee, service fee)
Pre-masters:128000¥(Including: Tuition fee, NCUK registration fee, service fee)
Accommodation Fees(including water, electricity, network):



September / October 2021 – June 2022
Student Enrollment Number

International Foundation Year Program: 50
Pre-master Program: 50


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QQ: 363172437/552464925
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