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Irish Study Center (ISC)

ILC Introduction 

 The Ireland Learning Center, supported by the Embassy of Ireland in China, and Education in Ireland, mainly offers online classes tutorials + also face to face foundation courses delivered by DIFC currently. These programs are aimed at facilitating students who have been enrolled into Irish universities but are taking these programs in China to improve their learning efficiency or language competency, while also preparing students who plan to study abroad to lay a solid foundation for their subsequent undergraduate or master’s courses. The Ireland Learning Center is operated by Beijing EBI Education and Technology Limited Company, who are the China office for 7 Irish universities. The centre itself will have outstanding teachers from home and abroad, visiting professors, overseas returnees, and native Irish professors from universities. For example, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China Foreign Affairs University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (North Campus), and China University of Political Science and Law (North campus). This range of universities will ensure that students can gain a wide knowledge academically and physically. In addition, several support services for prospective students will be also provided, including university application guidance, visa application guidance, internship and employment guidance, among other supports.

 1.High quality of teaching from Irish / foreign teaching staff and a personalized approach to placement.
 2.Guaranteed access if you pass without IELTS (although an English test may still be a visa requirement, depending on the country.
 3.A large range progression options are available to students overseas in a number of countries, including Irish and British universities.
 4.Final grades for students are based on 30% continuous assessment and 70% final exams.
 Learning experience and independent thinking shared with outstanding students from famous universities in Beijing.


DIFC Staff
Neil OMahony – Ireland Learning Centre Foundation Program Manager
Working for DIFC for 4 years with an education background of over 15 years

Ray Halpin – Education Recruitment Manager
Ireland Learning Centre Foundation Program Interview Admissions Officer
Working for DIFC for over 6 years with considerable experience in the China market


International Foundation Year (IFY) Curriculum
IFY - Business:
English for Academic Purposes、Mathematics for Business、Economics、Business Studies
IFY Engineering & Technology:English for Academic Purposes、Mathematics for Science、Physics、Chemistry

Pre-masters Curriculum:A Subject module: Management or Life Sciences、Research Methods、Orientation to Western Study、English for Academic Purposes


Progression Options 


Enrollment Targets
• Students who plan to study abroad.
• Students who have received conditional offers from foreign universities but cannot meet academic or language requirements.
• Students who wish to further strengthen their language skills prior to their undergraduate or master's programs.
• Students who wish to lay an academic foundation for their undergraduate or master's studies.

Enrollment Requirements
International Foundation Year (IFY) Program: students from technical secondary school, vocational high school, senior high school, grade 11 and senior high school with an average score of 70% or above, with IELTS 5.0 or above (no small score required). Other English language tests equivalent to IELTS are also accepted.
Pre-Master’s Program: Bachelor’s Degree / 3 Year Diploma holders accepted with IELTS 5.0 or above (no small score required). Other English language tests equivalent to IELTS are also accepted.


Application Materials
• Application form.
• passport.
• resume / cv.
• Copies of high school results or transcripts for IFY.
• For PMP – transcripts, graduation certificate (Certificate of Studying) and degree or diploma certificate.
• English score result.
• English and Chinese transcripts.


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    Mr. Wang 17812152380 (Wechat)
    QQ: 363172437/552464925
Beijing Headquater Address: Shangdu International Center, No.8, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing City
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