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Ireland Learning Center (ILC)

Want to study abroad,
How does study foundation poor do?
What if you don't have enough language?
Study abroad preparation has no clue!
Foreign epidemic situation is not very optimistic?
What should I do?
Don't worry, students and parents, come to the Irish Learning Centre
Ireland Learning Center, referred to as ILC, aims to provide students who want to study abroad with language preparation and further study, and provides comprehensive solutions of language, Learning, culture and employment assistance.



Meet the needs of students:

Improve Your Language
Contain professional foundation
Study abroad life

ISC Learning Form:
☞ managed class
For the students who learn online courses, professional teachers will provide course tutoring and set up auxiliary courses such as learning methods and languages to help them achieve better learning results.
☞ prep
I studied the original university preparatory courses in China, including academic language improvement, relevant professional preparatory courses, research methods, etc. After completing the course, students do not need to take the IELTS test and go directly to study in a foreign university.
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ISC features:

 1. Powerful course resources
 2. Irish official support
 3. Professional service team
 4. Extensive export of overseas study

ISC Admission Direction
 Secondary education/higher education/orientation of future graduates
 ● Ireland's top universities
 ● Irish Polytechnic
 ● Top UK universities
 ● Other European and American universities



  Our education can help students more smoothly connect with the international higher education;

  Our education can increase students' motivation to seek new knowledge;

  Our education can foster students' desire to explore the future.


  Contact person: Ms Peng


  Ms Peng 13811996681(Wechat)

  Mr. Wang 17812152380 (Wechat)


  On-site registration:Beijing Campus Address: University for Science &Technology, Beijing, No.18, Shahe Shayang Road, Changping District, Beijing

  Beijing Headquater Address: Shangdu International Center, No.8, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing City