Registration way
  Telephone registration:010-58702811
       Ms Peng 13811996681(Wechat)
       Mr Wang 17812152380 (Wechat)
  On-site registration:Beijing Campus Address: University for Science &Technology, Beijing, No.18, Shahe Shayang Road, Changping District, Beijing
  Beijing Headquater Address: Shangdu International Center, No.8, Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing City
  Application materials
  1、Application form;
  2、4 one-inch photos;
  3、Copy of ID card;
  4、Copies of graduation certificate (Certificate of Studying); 
  5、English score report;
  6、Copy of class schedule;
  7、The registration fee is 600 yuan.
  Registration Process
  ● Fill in application form and submit the application materials;
  ● Sign Admission Agreement after the application is approved;
  ● Accept Admission Instructions and Student Handbook;
       ● Register on time according to the relevant regulations in Admission Instructions.
  Notes for students
  (adjusted in time according to the requirements of Beijing Leading Group Office for COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control, currently stipulated) :
  (1) Keep in good health, without fever and respiratory symptoms within 14 days before the study, and show the green code of "health code" and report health information on time for 14 consecutive days.
  (2) Have no contact with person who is confirmed or suspected or asymptomatic infected within 14 days before the study. 
  (3) Have no experience of living in key areas of epidemic prevention and control and have no direct contact with people returning from the above areas within 14 days before the study.  
  (4) Have no experience of living abroad or have no contact with people from abroad within 14 days before the study.